Lazy Brewer

Hassle-free DIY Liquid. All the freedom without all the mess.

DIY Liquid Mixing Service
For the lazy brewer.

DIY Liquid is fun, affordable, and gives you the freedom you always wanted in your All-Day-Vape Liquid.

But as you may already experienced, DIY-ing is a pain in the ass sometimes.
Messy desk, unused ingredients, syringe handling, and many other problems may make you too lazy to do DIY.

We know that, so we offer you this hassle-free DIY Liquid for you.

You are curious about DIY Liquid, but too lazy to start?

You like to experiment with the flavors, but too lazy to mix it?

Too lazy to wash the empty bottle?

Too lazy to wash the syringe?

Too lazy to wash the dispensing needle?

Too lazy to clean up all the mess

From spilled flavorings and other ingredients on your desk?

This is for you who are just too lazy to do all the dirty work DIY-ing.

DIY supposed to be fun.
Don’t let all the messy work take out all the fun for you.